This week’s Weekend Webcomic is Scott Kurtz’s PVP Online.

The webcomic started in 1998 and debuted as just another gaming centric comic in a wide swath of gaming centered comics that were being introduced. It featured a cast that worked as the staff for a Magizine that shares the comic’s name: PVP Online.

However, unlike many of the other gaming comics that either failed miserably or went on to be long running gaming centric comics, PVP quickly diverged into a more modern situation comic. As such there are both on-time gags, reoccuring gags, and many story lines. Instead of the narrower focus of gaming, PVPOnline has grown to encompass a wide variety of topics that just about everyone can really relate to. There are still plenty of gaming references, which is to be expected for a comic grown for that topic, but a reader will find that by and large it’s more of a general interest comic with plenty for everyone.

Taupe? Ew.

PVPOnline updates 5 days a week and is definately worth checking out.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?