This week we’ve got an oldie: Dominoes!

Yeah, those.

Dominoes, as a game, are old, very old.  Very, very old in fact.  The oldest domino set was found in King Tutankhamen’s burial chamber and is dated to around 1350 B.C.  So yes, they’ve been around a while.  However, despite their old age just about everyone has a set, or two.  Granted, most of the time the only thing we do with them is this:

Go baby go!

In fact, I personally had never played a real version of dominoes until the age of 22.  Up until that time I’d always been happy just to line them up in various designs and knocked them over.  I’m sure that I suspected that the pips on the tiles meant something, but I was too busy trying to stand them on end to give it much thought.

However, at age 22 I’d started dating my wife (Err, in that she’s my wife now).  Her family plays dominoes a lot so it was natural that I would join in… being all about gaming and everything.  I was surprised by the nuances of a game that is pretty simple at its core.  But a lot of the older games are like that, easy to pick up but very subtle to master.

With a little more research since then I’ve found that there are literally dozens of different variations of this classic game.  A good site to find rules for a handfull of these is Dominoes   And you can find even more at Dominoesrules.  Enough variations to keep a person busy for a few months at least.

Even as somebody who’s all about the latest games and technology, I find it’s important to play the classics from time to time.  So grab your dominoes set and get tiling!

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?