This week I’m spotlighting a comic that pretty well speaks for itself: XKCD by Randall Munroe.

XKCD one of the collection of the low-drawing comics that I follow.  I call it low-drawing due to the rather lack of much drawn material.  Most of it is stick figures, equations, and other errata.  However, since the content is so good I wouldn’t really call this low-drawing a particular lack in the comic itself.  Almost the lower focus on drawing highlights the actual humor and content of the strips, making the whole package better for it.

Many of you are probably already familiar with XKCD in some form or another.  Many will be weekly followers of the M/W/F update schedule; while others will undoubtedly have seen the comics posted somewhere online and not known where they came from.  But, since it’s such a high profile comic these days, odds are you’ve seen at least one of the strips.

Odds are you've seen this one, it's among the most widely posted comic that I've seen online.

XKCD is a comic of many topics.  Geek, science, love, abstraction, tables, political, social commentary, and on and on.  Many of the comics do feature the standpoint of a physicist; which is understandable given that the background of the author is in applied physics (At least I assume it’s applied since he worked on robots).  Those who grew up with a science background will have a very deep appreciation of a lot of his humor; but beyond science humor XKCD has a lot to offer just about any reader.

Really, like all comics I could sit here and type a few pages worth of gushing about how much I like the comic; but comics always seem to speak better for themselves.  You find out the most about a comic by reading it.  So go read it.


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