Ok, this really isn’t about anything geeky or gaming related, but tough cookies I’m gonna blog it anyway.

As I mentioned in my “about” section, I like to craft (I think I mentioned it anyway… hold on a second *goes to update his “about” page*).  I have done a wide variety of crafts in my day: basket weaving, pine needle basket weaving, drawing, wood working, wood turning, plaster molding, perler beads, electronic tinkering (Yay robots), computer programming (it’s a craft, damn it!), crochet, origami, pop-up card making, model building, rocket building, etc.  Yeah, I sample a lot of crafts.

Anyway, one of my more recent endevors has been Crochet.  I mostly started it because I wanted to crochet some Pokémon for myself.  However, I also started because I had stumbled upon a plarn blog run by RecycleCindy: My Recycled Bags.

While I have issues with recycling as it exists right now (an issue for later), the idea of reusing and repurposing things that have been spent and are no longer needed has always appealed to me. Probably because I’m a scavenger and hoarder by nature (seriously, I have to make my wife make me throw things away if I don’t actually need them). I look at things and think “That thing is still good! It can be used for something!” One of those things is plastic grocery bags. I collect them as if they’re going to be a kind of currancy after the appocolypse.

I now have an outlett for these bags, Plarn!


 Basically you take your plastic bags, cut them into rings, and then join them into a long double-stranded yarn for use in crocheting (directions for doing this are on RecycleCindy’s blog).  This material actually helped me learn to crochet.  Since the stitches are so big when using plarn it makes a great learning material.  You can see the anatomy of exactly what you are doing.  Plus it helps get rid of those few hundred plastic bags you’ve got piled up waiting for an appocolypse.

Since I started using plarn I’ve both produced a handfull of goods, and used up just about every bag I’d saved.  In fact, I ran out of bags during my latest plarn project, so have had to procure more.  Thus far I’ve produced two water bottle holders, and one snowman. 

Cute as a little bag... er... whatever.

The bottle holders required about 40 bags each, and the snowman used up about 120.  My current project has about 200 bags in it so far and is roughly 2/3 of the way done.  The projects have been a great way to use up those plastic bags without the guilt that invariably comes with getting rid of them into the garbage or recycling hoppers.

If you’re one of those “There has got to be a use for this!” hoarders, Plarn might be something to try your hand at.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled geek.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?