I did Munchkin as the first Monday’s Game but have since realized that I had neglected to post the small collection of house rules that we either use, like, or have come up with but need testing.  In general our house rules are aimed at balancing out the game a little and removing the need for some of the more rare cares (like the multi-multi class cards, which there are about 10 of in a 600 card deck).

  1. The Belt:
    • Any card with a value on it (a physical item in other words) can be placed as a tapped item on your infinite belt of holding.
    • Belted items do not add to your effective character level, as you aren’t actively using them.
    • Items on the belt can be sold for a level like normal.
    • Belted items can also be stolen and affected by curses (So if a curse says you lose all your big equipment, then anything big on the belt is gone too)
    • Belted items can be swapped in during combat provided you meet the requirements to use said items.
    • If you die, belted items are discarded.
  2. Leveling restrictions:
    • To go up a level by killing a monster, the monster has to have a level at or greater than your current character level.
    • Modifiers and items are not counted, just raw level.  IE If you’re level 7, you have to kill a monster level 7 or higher to level up.
    • When fighting multiple monsters:
      • If both monsters have levels above yours, you get levels from each monster (1 each, unless otherwise noted on the monster card)
      • If one monster is above your level, but the other is not, you gain 1 level.
      • If the combined level of the monsters is above yours, you gain 1 level.
      • If the combined level of the monsters is below yours, you gain no levels.
      • These rules can be combined:  Example: you level 4 are fighting 3 monsters, one level 5 and two level 2 monsters.  You win the battle and can claim 2 levels: 1 level for the level 5 monster, and 1 level for the two combined level 3 monsters (6 levels of monster).  However, had there been a third level 3 monster, you still would have only collected 2 levels, since that level 3 monster is below your level and has no other monster to combine its levels with.
    • This rule is to curtail people winning by killing a level 1 monster at the end of the game.  It brings things more into line with the D&D rules that Munchkin is loosely based on.
    • In Epic Munchkin, a player has to kill 2 monsters at or above their level (not necessarily in the same turn, just 2 monsters for every 1 level.  Use a token to keep track if you’re at a “half” level).
      • Additionally, for Epic Munchkin, all monsters are automatically assigned the modifier “EPIC” which adds 10 levels to their base level.  This modifier is IGNORED for determining if you get a leveling point from the monster.
      • Further, monsters who normally reward more than 1 level now award only 1 level; regardless of how many it lists as giving.
    • NOTE:  Even if you do kill a monster and don’t gain a level, you still get its treasure.
  3. Multiple Class/Race cards.
    • More than 1 multiple race/class card can be used at once.
      • Example: if you are a half elf/dwarf and have a gnome card and another dual race card, you can play the dual race card and play the gnome card as a third race.  The same goes with Class cards.
      • When taking a third or more race/class you are automatically affected by ALL negative aspects of ALL your races/classes.
        • For example: while a human/elf would be immune to all negative effects of being an elf, a human/elf/dwarf would be affected by ALL the negatives of the human, elf, and dwarf races.
      • You may use as many multiple cards as you want, but each card after the first one MUST be played with a new class/race.  If you decide to stop being the class/race associated with that multi-card, you must discard it along with the class/race.
      • Multi-cards that sport more than dual class/race only provide 1 additional race/class if played to add onto an existing multi-class.
  4. If you manage to create a Pirate, Ninja, Zombie Munchkin during the course of a game, you win.  Forever.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?

P.S. I’ll eventually post my ideas for use on those blank cards, but as I’ve not actually drawn any of my ideas yet…