This weekend’s webcomic is Matthew Taranto’s Brawl in the Family.


Brawl in the family was started in 2008 and is still running.  Currently there are two weekly updates which range from the standard 3 pannel short to big page length or more monsters.  The main focus of the Comic is short one-liners, however there is the occasional story arc to digest.  Both the story arcs and the one liners are all based on characters appearing in the Smash Brothers games; however, as the comic built steam, characters not in Smash Brothers have made appearances.
At the core, the main character is Kirby, the lovable dollup of fluff that stars in many games starting with the Gameboy and ranging up to the Wii.  Also predominently featured is his nemisis (and occasionally cohort) King DeDeDe.


One of my favorite running gags with Brawl in the Family is the Kirby Transformation gags (as above).  Those of you familiar with Kirby will probably understand these pretty well.  If not go get yourself a copy of Kirby’s SuperStar Saga.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Anyway, the gags in the comic are heaviily related to the actual gameplay of both Smash Brothers and the games related to the characters.  If you aren’t fairly well versed in these games, some of the jokes might pass you by.  As such the comic is geared more towards the older-school video game junkies (like myself).

The comics of more questionable taste are some of the best ones.

BITF remains one of my favorite comics, and if you’re a fan of the Nintendo family of characters and games, I’m sure you’ll find the entire archives enjoyable.

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