I recently had a discussion with the other denizens of YSaC the other day when weird search terms came up.  Undaunted I decided to search for the first, weird thing I could think of.  RumpyBottomed Walrus Emasculator instantly sprang to mind.  Those of you who know me, or at least know OF me, are probably unsurprised at this.

Anyway, there were absolutely NO results for it.  For shame, internet!  What have you been doing these past few decades if not populating yourself with oddities such as this?

In any event, I have now titled and typed “RumpyBottomed Walrus Emasculator” several times on my own blog.  Here’s hoping that the term will no longer come up with zero results on a Google search.

The RumpyBottomed Walrus Emasculator also gave me a way to burn a days worth of blog post by talking briefly about it.  Yeah, I’m lazy.  Lazy like a fox!

For all your Walrus Emasculating needs, buy Scamco’s RumpyBottomed Walrus Emasculator, now with Shae butter; whatever the heck that is.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?