On Wednesdays I shall be highlighting a weekly craft project of a geek related theme.  Generally it’ll be something I scavenge off the Net, but follower submissions are always welcome (hint hint).  Also, if I’ve done the particular craft project, I’ll post my results and any changes that I think are worth doing.

This week it’s PlanetJune’s (The talented June Gilbank’s blog) Lemmings! pattern. Also known as the Mop Top Mascot pattern as linked on the Lemmings page.

Onward to Glory!

It’s a wonderfully easy pattern for the novice Amigurumi maker to do, and even better for the veteran who’s looking for a quick, small project.  You can toss one of these little guys (without accessories) together in about 4-6 hours with only a small amount of yarn needed.  If you’re really good, I could see putting one together in as little as two hours, but I’m not that good.  I’ve got one sitting on my monitor staring at me as I type.

Here’s the small troupe I’ve made thus far:

With the exception of the fellow on the left, they were made exactly as directed by June’s pattern.  The lemming on the left (dubbed “Lemthulhu”) had 3 tentacles added to the head portion but otherwise was made as the pattern directed.  I think my next Cthulhu themed lemming will have better tentacles and be green to more compliment the theme.  This version looks too much like LemRabbi for my taste.

Also, I found adding flower wire through the arms and across the body helped a lot so far as making them more poseable.

-Confusion is a state of mind, or is it?